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VIBRANCE Weight Management Program

VIBRANCE is a life-changing wellness method that focuses on the Body, Mind, and Soul to reveal the real you.  You'll look better, feel better and even think better.  VIBRANCE creates a peaceful rest full sleep,  you'll lose inches and pounds, you'll increase your lean body mass and decrease your fat mass,  you'll feel lighter and move faster and have more energy, too.


We know that each of you is as different on the inside as you are on the outside and VIBRANCE treats you that way.  We get results because VIBRANCE is a customized method that's unique to each individual. We use cutting-edge technology to quickly detox your body, control your appetite, balance your hormones and put your body into a safe and efficient fat-burning machine.




Weight loss occurs in response to changes in diet and activity levels.  The VIBRANCE method accounts for nearly every factor for fat burning, fat storage, and fat metabolism.


The VIBRANCE method of food management is very unforgiving.  Unlike most plans, our method relies on getting your body into a near perfect fat burning state that creates incredible fat loss.  


With VIBRANCE, you'll achieve your weight loss goals, improve your health, improve your appearance and improve your well-being, too.


Lose 20 To 40 Pounds Guaranteed
Motivational Coaching
Eat Only Real Food
No Exercise Required
Dr. Supervised
You'll Sleep Better



In 90 Days



And Growing






Dr. David Harrison​


VIBRANCE reviews

“I'm a lean mean machine thanks to VIBRANCE.”

Danielle Hudson

“I've tried many a diet in my day, but VIBRANCE actually delivered.”

Philip Cruz

“VIBRANCE has totally transformed my body and my life, thank you.”

Meghan Charles


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